No words to this Apple tart, got the recipe online, super simple and absolutely delicious, specialy if you heat a bit, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream hummmm, no words.
 Owwww My God this is my favorite one so far, cake chocolate mousse. It was absolutely delicious you must try it
 Manjar Branco a typical Brazilian dessert made with coconut milk with plum
 Palha italiana tart, sooo yummy, but have to say that it is super rich
 Bom-bocado tart (Tipycal Brazilian dessert) , it was absolutely delicious and impossible to eat only one piece ❤️❤️
 Owww this is absolutely gorgeous, I am crazy for apple tarts. I got this recipe from Isadora Beker, and if you like to try this is her channel in Youtube: (it is in Portuguese)
 Hummm, absolutely gorgeous, just heat a bit put a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream on top and enjoy it ;) 
 Carrot cheese cake with brigadeiro top, was absolutely gorgeous 
 So yummyyyyyy <3 <3 
 Chocolate Tart
  Banoffe Pie
 Brazilian Lime tart
  Pear and almond tart    Recipe from Butlers Pantry just love it 
 Fruit Tart
  Strawberry tart
  Lemon Cheese Cake
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