Absolutely in love, Easter Cake ❤❤❤ beijinho ( coconut) cake one of my favorite
 Absolutely loved to make this cake, Brazilian carrot Cake just perfect for Easter <3 
 Happy easter, Brazilian carrot cake hummmm so delicious 
 The little birds just in Love, Happy easter 
  Happy Birthday girls and also happy Easter 
Bolo_Coelho_29 de março de 2013_8.jpg
  Easter cake 
Bolo_Coelho_29 de março de 2013_4.jpg
  Happy Easter 
  Mini Easter Cake 
 This was one of our Easter desserts to receive the little bunny at home ❤️❤️ dark chocolate tart
  Packet with only one Magic bar, Happy Easter 
  Packet with 8 Magic bars, ow God they are so hummy, just one of my favorite one 
 Just my favorite one, Little Bunny Palha Italiana, absolutely gorgeous
 Biscuit in a can, so cute.
  Packets of biscuits S,M and L size for Easter, really good idea if you wanna change a bit the tradicional easter eggs,   they are so simple but really hummyyyyy
  Pot of cookies, Easter gift
  Easter decorated cookies
  Easter cookies
  Ow My God absolutely died with this small pot with Brazilian carrot cake and chocolate ganache, they are delicious 
  Easter chocolate lollipop
 Chocolate Lolly pop for Easter ❤❤ little bunny around
  Eggs chocolate cakepops 
  Little bunny upside down
  Little bunny cakepop
  Box with 8 chocolate eggs
  Easter eggs, loved 
 Box with 6 chocolate eggs and small carrot cake in a jar, absolutely delicious.
  Little gifts, Mini Egg with the little Bunny
  Mini Egg with the little Bunny, really nice gift for Easter 
   Hello Kit cupcake
 The little bunny cupcake,  Happy Easter 
  Little bunny cupcake 
  Little Bunny cupcakes
  Eggs cupcakes
Pascoa_Pão de Mel_03041503.jpg
 Mini decorated pao de mel in a box (pao de mel is a honey cake with toffee felling, really popular in Brazil)
    Box with 6 decorated sweets, absolutely in love ❤️Happy Easter
Pascoa_Pão de Mel_03041501.jpg
 Pao de mel in a can.
  Easter pao de mel (honey cake with toffee filling) 
  Easter pao de mel,   small honey cake with toffee filling, really popular in Brazil 
 Pão de mel ( honey cake with toffee filling and milk chocolate all around) it is absolutely delicious and such a great Easter gift
Pão de Mel_150417_3-Editar.jpg
 Massive pão de mel order for Easter, hummmm smells so good in here
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