Pollar bear Panetone,   completely in love 
  Gingerbread Panetone
   Santa Panetone     
  Snowman Panetone
  Rudolf Panetone
  Fruit or Chocolate Panetone decorates with a Snow Man 
  Snowman cookies house, absolutely loved this one 
  The little Teddy holding your almond    Christmas biscuits, really sweet gift
  Christmas cookies,    hummmm love this one 
 Absolutely in love, Ginger bread cake, Christmas time :)
 Mini Christmas Cakes
Bronie_Natal_19 de dezembro de 2012_4.jpg
  Chocolate Brownie
  Decorated sweets 
 Chocolate Christmas Tree
  Rudolf cakepop 
 Santa's chocolet boot, Santa's chef my favorite one 
  Santa chocolate Cakepop Box, in love
  Rudolf Cakepop box
  Snow Man Cakepop box
 The Christmas gang
  Santa Claus mini cake, special for Christmas 
  Rudolf mini cake , special for Christmas
 Snowman pao de mel
 Polar bear pal de mel
  Rudolf pao de mel
  More pao de mel, just Santa
  Christmas tree 
  Gingerbread man
  Merry Christmas    snowman pao de mel
  Christmas Sweets 
  Christmas cupcake   2012
  Pot of cookies, good idea for Christmas gift 
 Christmas mini cake and Cookies
  Christmas Cake 
  This Cake was made with full of love, was made for a such special occasion, Hospital A.C Camargo (cancer hospital in Brazil), I have no words to make part of this, thank you so much for the opportunity girls
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